When under the care of Dr. Lewis you are not alone.  He seeks to improve the patient experience with delivering coordinated patient-centered care that brings real value to the patient.  For that reason, Dr. Lewis upholds strong interdisciplinary relationships with referring physicians.  Open communication between all members of the healthcare team - that team including you, the patient - is always emphasized by Dr. Lewis.

Academically, Dr. Lewis has earned many teaching opportunities and awards. He has also been an author on more than 20 scientific articles, published in more than ten scientific journals, co-authored multiple book chapters and has spoken at many regional and national conferences.  More information on his academic activities can be seen in his

Finally, Dr. Lewis' experience in interventional radiology includes but not limited to minimally-invasive, image-guided peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and musculoskeletal interventions, advanced venous access, IVC filter placement, IVC filter removal, hepatobiliary interventions, dialysis shunt interventions, catheter directed pulmonary thrombolysis and arterial thrombectomy, percutaneous drainage and biopsies, gastrointestinal, genitourinary and gynecological interventions as well as spinal procedures.  Dr. Lewis has also been uniquely trained in interventional oncology.  Among others, the interventional oncology procedures that Dr. Lewis performs include liver-directed transarterial chemoembolization, Y-90 radioembolization and extra-hepatic bland embolizations.

Dr. Lewis is a board-certified radiologist who specializes in vascular and interventional radiology.  He joined the UPMC team in July 2018.  Dr. Lewis completed a vascular and interventional radiology fellowship at the University of Illinois in Chicago (UIC) in 2016.  He completed his residency training in diagnostic radiology & nuclear medicine at Rush University Medical Center.  Dr. Lewis earned his medical degree (MD) from the Rush University Medical College and did his undergraduate work at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a major in microbiology and general chemistry.

​Dr. Lewis brings a broad, well-rounded background to his clinically-driven interventional radiology practice.  In addition to radiology, Dr. Lewis has four years of experience in orthopedic surgery.  Application of this experience provides an innovate approach to image-guided musculoskeletal interventions.
The central focus of Dr. Lewis' practice - whether in the reading room, clinic or procedure room - is the patient and the patient’s family.  He considers his position as a physician an honor and privilege and demonstrates this by his actions, thoughtful clinical plans and compassionate care.

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